Social QR

Social QR Scanning with SQR.BZ.

Phone with QR Code readerHow did SQR.BZ come to life? We, at IntelliTouch Digital Solutions, are techies. Admittedly, we could build a rocket in the dark if we had to, but keeping track of business cards and phone numbers pulled out of our pockets, or rely upon on our own penmanship to have written accurate spelling and numbers? Not likely. After many missed opportunities, lost business cards, and the dread of creating an effective follow-up strategy for professional and social events, we knew we needed to build a more efficient system for ourselves.

In order to be successful at anything in today’s environment, we know technology reigns supreme. "The birth of SQR.BZ was a game-changing move for our effectiveness as a world-class technology company. We’re confident you will enjoy the same networking and efficiency benefits," said Larry Bloom, the president of IntelliTouch Digital Solutions, Inc.

The days of putting pen to paper in an effort to exchange accurate contact information are a relic of the past! SQR.BZ badge scanning technology enables a user to instantly exchange contact information with valuable industry leaders using a Smartphone and a QR-Code reader.

With each badge scan, a registered user is given the ability to instantly exchange and add contact information into their Smartphone making connecting with event contacts nearly effortless!

Full Social Networking Integration

Trade Contact InformationSQR.BZ is fully integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, making professional and social networking even easier. During and after each event, with each scanned contact’s approval, users are able to directly link to scanned contacts via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter via the SQR.BZ application. Users are given the option to choose one, or all, of the social platforms through which they wish to create partnerships.

The MicroSocial feature enables registered users of the SQR.BZ technology to post event-related photos, links, and news items to a dedicated event blog site.

At the conclusion of an event, SQR.BZ sends each user a summary of their meeting contacts via email, allowing them to spend more time networking during their meeting, and less time afterward organizing an accurate and thorough follow-up.

Finally, a platform to build a social and professional network has been seamlessly brought together with ease-of-use never seen before!

Additional Features

  • The SQR.BZ technology allows users to send and receive private message to scanned contacts, during and after their event.
  • In the interest of securing privacy, every user is given the opportunity to choose the contact information they'd like to share with the system using SQR.BZ's "Public" or "Private," labels, including the option to add a photo to their contact information. This feature is optional.
  • If the SQR.BZ user does not have access to SmartPhone or QR-Code reader technology, a participant will be able to utilize SQR.BZ technology by accessing a Directory provided to each non-QR Code enabled user. The Directory is a summary of each scanned participant’s contact information, which can be utilized at any time during the event. Scanned contacts are given the option to “approve” or “deny” the release of their contact information before it appears in the Directory, giving each user the power to control privacy.