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Contact and eLiterature Management System.
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eLeads© Mobile Kiosk

Contact and eLiterature Management System - Now Available in the Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone

iPad eLeads / eLiterature Software

Stop wasting money on ineffective tradeshow literature!

With a simple download, our software turns your iOS device into a fully customizable interactive kiosk with features like quizzes, surveys, contests, drawings, and games. Display pictures, videos, product information, and electronic documents and brochures. Instantly capture demographic and contact information from potential customers and enjoy a full range of backend metrics and reporting.

eLeads© Contact and eLiterature Management technology works on- and offline and includes badge and business card scanning, credit card processing, a shopping cart, and data feeds to CRM systems and fulfillment vendors.

Feature Comparison

eLeads Comparison Chart

Additional Features:

  • Customize your content to collect the most useful information
    Interested in who your customers are, where they work, and what they’re looking for at your booth? Surveys are designed to provide unbiased answers to exactly these kinds of questions. You can also find out how your staff did at the show or find out the most impressive parts of your event display.
  • Follow up after the event
    After the show, users can continue to download pdf literature about your company and products. During this process, their product choices and interest levels are quantified and relayed to your company for easy sales follow-through.
  • Automatically change features for time of day
    If your tradeshow has specialty days, eLeads© Contact and eLiterature Management can run alternate kiosk templates at various times of the day or days of the week. Templates are instantly and automatically switched over on-site, without down time or the need for a reset.

With over 3 million sessions logged and 1 million leads captured so far, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another penny on printing.

Click here to view a comparison of the eLeads Badge Scanner and eLeads Mobile Kiosk solutions.

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