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IntelliTrack Digital Crowd and Traffic Counter.
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Say goodbye to your old door counter system. Say hello to meaningful traffic metrics.

IntelliTouch Digital Solutions’ revolutionary patent-pending digital crowd and traffic counter uses off-the shelf optical and heat tracking hardware integrated into a system that allows retailers and tradeshow professionals to track and count area-defined entries and exits.

Crowd Counter / Crowd Mapper

IntelliTrack© allows for individual and group-specific loiter times within pre-defined areas. ‘Heat mapping’ can demonstrate highest traffic areas and generally distinguish between adults and children based on size determination.

IntelliTrack© also integrates with CRM applications to determine conversation rate metrics. A quantum leap forward from time-day-door traffic counts is within your reach.

Contact IntelliTouch Digital Solutions today to find out how our in-house creative and technical staff can help you design a turn-key digital crowd and traffic counter solution for your business.