Product Information Display

Display Product Information with Analytic Reporting

Product Stations are a mainstay at tradeshow displays. But, imagine a display that could provide information such as slideshows, videos, text and dynamic images along with usage data like visits, face counts, and media use counts. Well imagine no longer, IntelliTouch’s Visual Kiosk will provide all this functionality and more. Take a look below at some of the key features of our product information Station:

Key Features

  • Design: Our app has a flexable design system with over 150+ controls like video playback, PDF display and slideshows.
    • Video: Video's that either autoplay or play when the user clicks on the image.
    • Slideshows: A selection of images that can be scrolled through.
    • Doument Viewer: Display documents like PDF's, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and more.
    • Document Catalog A catalog of all of your documents that they user can select to be emailed them.
    • HTML Text Use HTML in text area's for full design capabilities.
    • Video Popups: Our system can detect a face in the camera range and play a video enticing a customer to interact with the display.
    • Jump Buttons:Buttons on the screen can jump to any other page of product information.
    • Language Switch:Our system can automatically switch text, graphics, video or any other asset to a language that the user has selected.
  • Analytics: As the user views product information, the system is collects and records information about the session
    • Clicks: We will track what pages, videos, image and documents they viewed.
    • Session Length: Each session is tracked and will display the total time the user is using the product.
    • Face Count: Our system will use the iOS or Windows built in camera to count every face this comes within it's range. A total usage and tracking over time can be captured and analyzed post show.
  • No Internet Required: Internet at events is unstable and very expensive. Our system does not require the internet during the event. If the internet is not available, it will put the data in a queue for later syncing. However, if the internet is available it will sync to our cloud system.
  • Extended Features: You can combine the Photo Opp with our other features like surveys, electronic literature and product information.
  • Reporting: We have extensive reporting including event metrics.
  • Stations: Combine your product information station with our Booth Stations allows for gamification of your tradeshow booth.
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