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Intergrated Lead Capture with eDocuments and Surveys.
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Leads KioskWhy go through the expense of printing, shipping, and drayage only to have your promotional literature left in a hotel room after a convention, or thrown in the trash after a meeting? Using IntelliTouch Digital Solutions eLeads© Contact and eLiterature Management technology, users are enabled to independently interact with event kiosks. As the user interfaces with event kiosks, user demographic information is captured allowing for on-the-spot instantaneous follow-through of specific product and/or company information sent directly to your customer’s email from the showroom or tradeshow floor, while providing your company with accurate contact information for future selling opportunities.

Follow Up After the Event

Leads KioskThe utility of eLeads Contact and eLiterature Management technology is paramount post-event as well. Users are able to access downloadable pdf literature for your company and/or product information post-event. During this process your customers’ specific product and interest level is quantified and relayed to your company for sales follow-through. eLeads Contact and eLiterature Management technology continues to sell your company’s product well after the event, while saving countless dollars in printing, postage, and drayage. In addition, eLeads Contact and eLiterature Management is environmentally responsible by virtually eliminating company waste!

Capture Valuable Information with Surveys

Leads KioskAlso unique to eLeads is the Survey feature. eLeads Contact and eLiterature Management offers customizable, answer-driven surveys which can be instantly updated and interchanged depending on the event needs. Each survey takes on a life of its own based on answers provided by the user. Surveys are specifically customized to ask questions with the goal of providing unbiased answers to such topics as: Who are your customers? What is their profession? What is their function within their profession? What are they most interested in within your company? What geographical market might they buy within? What source do they use to learn more about your product or industry? How might they rate your company? How do they rate your competition? What is the public perception of your product? How well did your staff do? Was your event booth impressive or lacking something your customer was seeking?

Automatically Change Kiosk Designs By Day or Time of Day

If your tradeshow has specialty days, eLeads© Contact and eLiterature Management can run alternate kiosk templates at various times of the day, or days of the week. Templates are instantaneously and automatically switched over on site without down time, without need to ship the kiosk back to the warehouse to reload an alternate template, without the need for a reset, and without any additional technology or labor costs.

Available Features

Our eLeads Contact and eLiterature Management technology and Surveys are updatable and customizable 24/7, and offer the following additional features:

  • Multi
  • Contact Info
  • Opt-Ins
  • Surveys
  • Contests
  • Quizzes
  • Drawings
  • Metric Reporting
  • Custom Games
  • Product Information
  • Electronic Documents & Brochures
  • Videos
  • Photo Opp System
  • Badge Scanning
  • Business Card Scanning
  • Lock Down Web Browser
  • Product Catalog
  • Flash Simulations
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Shopping Cart
  • Data Feeds to Client CRM Systems and Fulfillment Vendors

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