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You have created a booth with multiple product stations in your booth, but now you need to get all of your attendees to go to each station. For this reason IntelliTouch Digital Solutions is created a feature called "IntelliStation". IntelliTouch assigns points to each station as a attendee visits each station he or she will get points. As they progress through all of the stations within the booth they will add more points to their total amount. Alternately the sales staff can have hand held units that will record station visits using iBeacon. This method also allows you to capture total face time with each lead/customer. By combining this with promotional giveaways this system will encourage the leads/customers to go through all of the locations within the booth, thereby acquiring more points.

Key Features

  • Points for each station can be fixed or variable depending on actions within the kiosk.
  • Each time they scan their badge it will show their current points on the screen.
  • Points can also be captured by sales staff carring Lead capture units and iBeacons at the stations
  • Reports will display total lead visited by a station and each lead will show which stations he/she has visited
  • A button can be made available that would automatically bump up an important customers total points.
  • Interactive games can also add points to the IntelliStation point system:
    • Golf Simulator
    • Racecar Simulator
    • Skiing Simulator
    • Trivia Games
  • Optional Payout via IntelliVend
    • A vending machine will dispense various prizes.
    • After scanning your badge the Intellivend will show what items you are eligible for depending upon your total points.
    • You then make your selection accordingly and the item would then be dispensed.

Sample booth use

Leads Kiosk

  • Demo Section 1-3: 20 Points for viewing demo
  • Demo Section 4-6: 20 Points for viewing demo
  • Demo Section 7-9: 20 Points for viewing demo
  • Demo Section 10-12: 20 Points for viewing demo
  • Product Theater 13: 40 Points for viewing demo
  • IntelliVend: Redeem points for company banded swag

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