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Because not all tradeshows have badges with contact data our software will allow you to capture data either through manual input and/or Business card scanning. Our new Business card Scanner/Decoder will automatically take a good image of a business card OCR and decode the information. If you have the email verification turned on and you are online the system will send the data to LeadSpend and validate the fields. If any fields are not valid it will color the fields red and a notice will pop up with the issue with the fields. After the session ends and you sync the session with our servers our office data processors will complete the process and verify the data. Combined this will electronic literature, surveys, product information and you have a complete lead capture solution which can sync to your CRM after the show ends.

Below is a flow of the lead capture process and a list of key features.

Key Features

  • Captures a business card and attaches it to the session.
  • Optional local OCR and decoding of the card.
  • Card data is validated through LeadSpend.
  • A data process will correct all data on the card after upload
  • The card data will be validated a second time after data processing
Business Card Process Flow           Image A
Image A
Image B
Image B
Image C
Image C
Image D
Image D

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