• Event Location Custom Apparel Printing
    Three main goals:
    Bring people into your space
    Provide an experience and a giveaway
    Create a buzz
  • Search billions of public contact records for
    personal and corporate
    Only needs email, phone or twitter handle
    Full contact data available for 65% of leads in seconds
    Shows contact's links to hundreds of social sites
  • 35%
    Of leads captured have incorrect data
    Our Solution:
    All data is confirmed with the user everytime
    Every email, phone number, and address is validated with national database.
    We do a second validation on the server.
  • 90%
    Of collateral is thrown out before the show ends.
    Our Solution:
    We email the collateral the customer select.
    We track use of the collateral post show.
    Collateral can be PDF, videos, web links, Word, PowerPoint, etc..
  • 66%
    Of all trade show leads are not followed up post-show.
    Our Solution:
    We create the first follow-up during and after the show
    We track all activity post show with our response system
    We follow up rates from 40-60%.
  • 100%
    Trade Show Badge providers all give data in different
    formats on different systems.
    Our Solution:
    We provide you the data the same way every time
    You can compare shows year after year
    We automatically calculate event metrics.
  • 20%
    Of sales person effort wasted every day in CRM
    upkeep and reporting.
    Our Solution:
    Our system generates the CRM session data and reporting
    Data is merged/imported into you CRM system of choice.
    We Import into most major CRM systems like SalesForce, Dynamics, Fusion, etc..

The most amazingly flexible lead capture and sales presentation solution available.

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Our system can be built with your brand in mind. You have full control over all graphics in the system. with over 150 features like eDocuments, quizzes, surveys, contests, drawings, and games.

Integrated Lead Capture

Multiple ways of capturing leads. Either though a badge scan, business card scan, pull from you CRM or manual entry.

No Internet Needed

Our system only needs the internet to download the software and upload the lead after the event. During the event no internet is need, but will be used if available.

Design Spotlight

a small selection of our branded software for you to review.

Cooper Surgical

Used at all there major tradehsows increased the quanity of lead capture by 30% while decreasing there incorrent leads by 35%

Guardian Alarm

A presentation solution/order solution with over 150 sales staff using it daily. They take the customer from looking at thier product to order and events signing the contract. Reducted thier sales cycle from 2 days to 2 hours.

GE Power

Allow them to take less product to the tradeshow floor while increasing the number and quality of thier leads at all of thier major shows.